E-Daily Warehouse

E-Daily Warehouse was established in 1999 with the acquisition of the Hong Kong Royal Inc.. Over the past 16 years, E-Daily Warehouse has more than doubled the number of stores in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and China.

With headquarters in Hong Kong,China and New York, US, E-Daily Warehouse now operates a growing network of more than 30 stores.

Our commitment is to stock a complete range of components from the more than 200 world-class manufacturers we represent.

E-Daily Warehouse sets the highest ethical standards which our employees are required to follow. From this base, we make our commitment to Customers and Suppliers to build lasting partnerships. To guide our employees, we created a Customer Bill of Rights stating our responsibilities to our customers.

Our customers have the right to:

  • >>Receive the exact item ordered or an acceptable alternative;
  • >>Receive within the highest standards the exact quantity ordered;
  • >>Be charged the agreed price;
  • >>Receive the goods exactly when expected;
  • >>Receive the goods in an acceptable condition;
  • >>Receive timely and accurate documentation;
  • >>Receive prompt response to all enquiries; and
  • >>Be treated with courtesy and respect, with the highest ethics and integrity.
E-Daily Warehouse