ST. LOUIS, MO, October 28, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/STLRestaurant.New recently published an article titled, “Charlie Gitto’s: The Gold Standard of Fine Dining“, announcing that Charlie Gitto’s is rated the #1 Italian restaurant in St. Louis by more than 500 public reviews posted online by its customers.

The rating is based solely on hundreds of customer reviews that are public on a public review site. With literally thousands of reviews about restaurants across the St. Louis metro area and with more than 500 reviews about Gitto’s alone, the facts are unbiased and difficult to dispute.

The rating is not based on a snooty food critic/writer, but based on something obviously more important, the customers that dine there, many on a regular basis. Naturally, diners will rate an establishment based on service, food and price.

Having taken over the restaurant located in the historic district of St. Louis known as The HIll in 1981, Gitto’s has added two additional locations, Chesterfield, MO (managed by his daughter, Suzanne Gitto) and inside Hollywood Casino, Maryland Heights, MO.

In addition to the three locations, Charlie Gitto, Jr. operates CG Products that is operated and overseen by his son, Anthony Gitto. CG Products produces food for each location, including homemade bread, Toasted Ravioli, cakes and much more. More impressively, they hand make thousands of Toasted Ravioli’s each week consumed by their customers on a daily basis and its Anthony’s job to make sure that the locations have what they need, when they need it.

Charlie Gitto’s success is in part the result of Mr. Charlie Gitto, Jr. being involved on a daily basis and hiring dedicated/loving family members and loyal employees that can see Gitto’s vision. With multiple key employees like Anthony (Charlie’s son), Susanne (Charlie’s daughter) and Samantha Vogt, his assistant, the Gitto’s organization is in responsible hands with the smallest details being taken care of. The list of dedicated employees that help make Charlie Gitto’s what it is exceeds the scope of this release. But you can rest assured that they are appreciated by this popular restaurateur.

Additionally, catering is a big part of the Gitto’s business model with their popular Toasted Ravioli being the most popular dish requested in the restaurants and from the catering clients. Their client list is as impressive as their cuisines.

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Charlie Gitto’s is a St. Louis based Italian restaurant chain with three locations. They are locally owned and managed by the founder, Charlie Gitto, Jr.